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Z Shadow is a phishing tool that allows you to create phishing links to hack popular social media accounts by capturing the victims passwords. 

We provide numerous tools to test the security of social media apps and websites. As well as a learning centre to teach your company, awareness on Phishing.

Z Shadow originated back in 2015 alongside Shadowave and Anomor as a website that generate phishing links that you send to your victims. Once they clicked on your link and inserted their given username and password, Z Shadow automatically grabs the credentials and saves it on your account dashboard.

Soon after Social media companies banned the links generated by Z Shadow and made it near impossible to phish an account. However the links still worked on different platforms, such as email, phone chat apps etc. Thus resulted to many complaints and the original developers decided they'd stop hosting and supporting their website/service.

Currently Zshadowave.com is the only official domain for Z Shadow and Shadowave in 2021 and should be the only trusted safe site/links accessible on the internet. With new working tools added and released daily, you can always find a way to phish your next target.

Get started using Z Shadow here or explore our listed phishing tools. If you need to contact us proceed using the form or read or FAQ.

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Phishing is the process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity using email or by sending specially crafted links. Read and learn more about phishing, types of attacks and uses here.

You don't need to register or sign up to Z Shadow as you only need to access the website Z Shadowave to get started.

The phishing links generator from Z Shadow easily create login pages of popular social media platforms that uses port tunneling to serve the webpages online. Simply send the link generated to your target and start phishing.

Yes, both Z Shadow and Shadowave is safe to use. The website comes with no viruses or threats embedded.

Yes, the Z shadow links does work and can be accessed via the https://zshadowave.com domain.

Yes, you can hack a facebook account using Z Shadow. By simply using the phishing link or facebook password sniper to get the account hacked.

Currently there are only one Z Shadow domain available and is the official website called Z Shadowave (https://zshadowave.com)

Do be aware of duplicate sites on the internet and users should avoid the following domains.

  • zshadow.co
  • z-shadow.co
  • zshadow.us
  • zshadowave.info
  • zshadow.info
  • z-shadow.us
  • z-shadow.info

The best alternative to Z Shadow is Anomor or Shadowave.

All three (Z Shadow, Shadowave & Anomor) tools/websites works the same by generating phishing links to hack social media accounts. Currently the best and working is ZShadowave.

For Z Shadow to work you need to go to correct working domain, called ZShadowave (https://zshadowave.com)

Yes, Z Shadow can be accessed either via your mobile phone (android and IOS) by using your browser online or downloading the apk.